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Meet Savvie’s Founder: Helen Dang

When Helen founded Savvie in 2006, she responded to her heart desire which later formulated her mission: share knowledge, share love, share life. Born in Saigon, a war-torn developing country, and growing up with an epic experience seeing it topsy-turvy to a dismal existence, she witnessed how many families, including her own, collapsed in the ruthless tsunami of changes after 1975.  She witnessed how that turmoil impacted families. Dreams shattered. Hope gone. Tragedies abound. People lived in fear and anxiety.

Partnering with First Financial Security (FFS), she feels empowered to have the tools to help people restore hope and peace of mind.  Sharing the real secrets of money matters and makes a big difference in families’ well-being.

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it”

Brian Tracy


Savvie advocates investing right and investing early, starting at a very young age as in our popular Million-Dollar-Baby plans.  FFS reputable carriers provide the best top-notch vehicles in the financial industry that assure Zero loss, maximized potential returns, liquidity, and permanent death and living benefits.  Our comprehensive strategies could very well cover all of your family essential goals and needs.

Helen possesses a wealth of business insights and experience spanning over three decades.  Started her career in business development with premium corporations; she later specializes in finance, retirement planning, real estate, and investment. Upon entering the financial services industry, she learned about the Indexed Universal Life and Million Dollar Baby Savings Plans and wished she had known about them sooner. She likes how flexible and powerful these plans are and how families can build a legacy tax-free for generations.


Achieve Your Ideal Retirement Lifestyle

Savvie advocates leverage in investing.  Have you heard about our Zens plans: The Kai-Zen and Tri-Zen? They are one of the ONLY strategies in the American financial market today that use the power of premium financing leverage – a unique fusion with life insurance to offer you the most retirement benefits you wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.  They are excellent ways to optimize your investment dollars, protect your present ability of earnings, acquire you more income to maintain your lifestyle once you retire.

“Imagine having protection today and ensure a comfortable retirement. Imagine creating wealth and legacy for your family, possibly penny for a dollar. Imagine having the money plans for your present and future all set. No fear. No anxiety.”

Protect Against Financial Uncertainties



We are dedicated to changing the lives of Americans every day. Powered by our reputable partners, we provide people with access to financial education, innovative products and concepts, and a progressive business model that offers entry into one of the most lucrative sectors of the U.S. economy.

This is the opportunity that you may have been waiting for long. We can help you take charge of achieving a better future for you and your family.


We need to be strategic about them to serve our lives to the fullest.

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